Rabbit Launcher


Heart Cloud

A peaceful, soft theme in soft colors. You can see the clouds in a sky forming a heart in the sky for a subtle, yet artistic design. Two colors are available of which the user can select to match his or her taste.


Retro Love

A romantic theme with a retro touch. The pinks and greens blend nicely together to bring forth a dreamy, mysterious atmosphere, which is further enforced by the turning neon lights.

Circuit Board


This theme uses a “high tech” concept based on representing a circuit board in an artistic fashion. The glowing lights move when you do, bringing this theme to life. It also comes with animation that has a “mechanical” flow.


Rabbit Sky

The Rabbit Launcher’s Default Theme that shows a cloud in the shape of its logo.
This peaceful theme uses natural aspects such as clouds and a beautiful blue sky.
Have fun with this theme by shrinking and expanding the cloud for 3D effects!

Rabbit World

An interactive two in one theme. Place the switch button on the screen and change the wallpaper to either “night” or “day” versions. Enjoy this theme’s illusion of space with its pop-up aspects.
The clouds, stars, and moon also move when you flick on them!


Rabbit Room

$1.99 -> 0.99

An interactive 3D wallpaper that uses space and light. Flick the screen and watch the letters move! Icons in the main menu are transformed into an abstract shape of a rabbit’s head, all of which have its own unique color and design!

Little Red Riding Hood

$1.99 -> 0.99

A 3D pop-up book based on “Little Red Riding Hood.”
This lively theme allows you to slide the screen for a 360 degree view or even zoom out.


A dog and a cat

$1.99 -> 0.99

This theme illustrates a classic dog and cat fight with 3D effects! Here we see items dispersed all over the screen and stopped in mid-air. A gyro sensor is applied so you can have fun with this theme and watch it react to the way you hold your phone. You will really get a kick out of the illusion the theme creates through 3D and space aspects.